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You can pay cash or also with ec-payment.

From 1.10.2022 to 31.01.2023 we have to charge a heating allowance of 1,00 € per day and dog.

Animal pension

Price per day starting from 01.02.2023
A small dog (under 40 cm) 29,00 €
Ein großer Hund (über 40 cm) 32,00 €
Two little dogs 48,00 €
A small and a big dog 51,00 €
Two big dogs 54,00 €
Three dogs 64,00 €
Four dogs 75,00 €
Five dogs 86,00 €
Six dogs 97,00 €
Uncastrated Male

an additional € 3.00 per day

Additional services
Single room occupancy
(on request or in case of incompatibility)
additional 15,00 € per day
Hot female dog additional 5,00 € per day
Desired washing or brushing an additional € 10.00 for one time

All prices include the legal value added tax.

Own food must be brought along.

Bringing and collection days are considered as pension days

Room occupancy is at the discretion of the Wuffotel

Ask additionally for our long-term rates from the 14th day of stay. Not valid during school holidays!

Please bring your vaccination card with you, it will remain in the Wuffotel during your stay.

Dog Day Care Centre

Please bring your vaccination certificate with you to the registration.

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Residence Half day care
max. 6 hours per day
Full day care
between 6.30 and 18.00 hours
Price per month
with Contract
Price per month
with Contract
2 74,00 € 149,00 €
3 102,00 € 204,00 €
4 122,00 € 245,00 €
5 136,00 € 273,00 €

(Prices apply for group care)

Contract with a minimum term of 3 months, thereafter terminable with a notice period of one month to the end of the month

All prices include the legal value added tax.

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