Dog Lodge

Wuffotel also offers dog lodgings, where you can leave your dog in our custody and feel reassured that we will take good care of it.

Please bring your dog vaccination certificate with you (which we will be kept here during residence).

You will notice when checking in that we have thought about everything. On your first visit we fill out your visiting card.

- Dogs name age, sex, etc.
- Castrated or not castrated
- Owners name, address and telephone number
- Emergency telephone number
- Pets preferences
- Your special requests
- Usual feeding times
- Medication

Then we take a photograph and the visiting card is complete.

Naturally this is only necessary when checking-in for the first time. Afterwards the Information is registered on computer, (which is confidential and is only used for internal purposes).

Then its time to part and say goodbye, you are more than welcome to escort your dog to its room, assisted by one of our carers.

Principally all dogs share a double-room, We make sure that all `pairs` are suitable by tolerance and nature. Size and weight is also taken into consideration and larger differences are avoided.

If requested your dog can be accommodated in a single-room. (with additional charge). This is only recommended under less tolerable circumstances.

All rooms are appropriately equipped with tiled floors, which are cleaned daily, a sofa to chill on and of course a water dish.

If requested it is possible to bring your own utensils. (At own risk – as some of our other guests do not accept others private belongings, but do enjoy playing them). -  So please understand that we can not guarantee these will be returned in the same condition.

A day of a `Dogs-Life` at Wuffotel

6:30 hrs.
“Hurray” – first of all, out in the playing grounds:-
“Oh my other friends from Wuffotel are out too!”
“Great, now we can all play out together and have some fun!”

10:00 hrs.
“Oh I`m dog tired, had so much fun today, playing and running is really tiring. Now it`s time for a scrub, a groom and cuddle before I go to my room where I can enjoy my well earned nap”.

14:00 hrs.
After having a good sleep, it`s time to go out again in the grounds for another 2 hours of fun and games.  

16:30 hrs.
"Just enough time for a final spurt before having for a little rest in the grass”.

18:00 hrs.
At last it`s supper time. “I`m so hungry and tired from running around and playing all day. Another stroke and cuddle before I close my eyes and drop off to sleep”.