About us

Why do we have rooms?

Pets have enough stress getting used to new premises, being away from you and the new daily routine.

We want to make his/her new home as comfortable as possible. Therefore we have furnished rooms, which are appropriate for 2 to 4 lodgers, so that your loved one can sleep in a small comfortable group which enables him/her to rest easily.

-Just like being at home -

Why do we have so many separate outdoor grounds?

We have experienced that working with smaller groups is not as stressful for our little `guests`. Therefore they are separated into groups of between 5-10 depending on age, size and sex, castrated or not castrated and by tolerance. This means that the dogs are contempt but not over-stressed.


How did the Idea of Wuffotel originate?

In 2001 I fulfilled my dream of owning my own dog. (A male Australian Shepard dog – blue merle (which was unknown at that time) and started dog sport and training.

In 2001 I asked myself “what am I going to do with Sammy when I go on holiday?” Every dog kennel which I had seen at that time, didn’t appeal to me. I wanted to be confident that my “Sammy” would be looked after in an appropriate, clean and caring place, which should not be too expensive but should have plenty outdoor space for him to play.

That’s when the idea occurred.” Why not open my own Hotel”? But it wasn’t quit as easy as I thought. I couldn’t find the appropriate property for years. Either they were too expensive, too small, too close to neighbours, had unsuitable grounds, or.... or….or….

But then in 2011 it became possible, I discovered the old NATO passerine in Grevenbroich-kapellen. It is situated in a great area, includes plenty of playing grounds, where we do not disturb any neighbours and has sufficient rooms for the dogs, where at one time the soldiers used to live in.

We have renovated and prettified the premises and since May 2012 are welcoming our daily and multi-week “four legged” quests.