Welcome to Wuffotel

pet boarding facility

We are pleased that you are interested and looking for appropriate and caring accommodations for your pet at Wuffotel during your absence.

On our following `Day Care` page, you can read all about us and how comfortable your dog will feel with us while you go out to work.  Obviously your Darling pet can be our guest for the whole day or even just for a few hours. We offer a wide range of activities, where it can play, run, get lots of exercise and last but not least, gets lots of attention and lovable care.

We also offer multi-week care if you are planning to go on holiday or during illness. Please find more information on our `Dog Lodge` page.

We can reassure you that our `four legged` quests quickly settle in and feel secure with us. -It´s just like `home from home`- so that you can leave your dog without having a guilty conscience, and that all necessities and your personal requests have top priority.

We hope you enjoy reading our pages. We are looking forward to hearing from you and would be pleased to welcome you to Wuffotel. Please make an appointment for individual advice or previous viewing.

If you would like to make further enquiries, please do not hesitate and contact us either per phone or E-mail.